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Hotel Snow Princess

Manali is the most beautiful and tempting destination in Himachal Pradesh (North India). Every year it tempts thousands of tourists who wish either to spend their leisure holidays or on honeymoon trips. The snow capped peaks of himalyas are just breath taking. The Beas river adds the beauty of Manali by jewelling the hills with its smooth flow. The white snow capped hills and the River Beas over them looks wonderful and starring. Manali is the excellent place for family holidays, school trips, corporate trips and even a good honeymoon destination.

How to reach Manali: Delhi-Manali : Manali is at a distance of 570 Kms from Delhi and can be reached by road and air. Nearest airport near Manali is situated at Bhuntar (very close to Kullu)- just 40 Kms from Manali


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